Screen to Screen, Museé Des Beaux Arts, Le Locle, Switzerland

All of the work in the installation, Screen to Screen, is made from the screen, and in the screen.

At the Center for Future Publishing at HEAD in Geneva, where I was invited to make a project, I disassembled eight non-functioning computer monitors. Thinking about how intimate we are with screens, and how we mostly experience them as invisible, I wanted to break the screen down, to get inside it and reveal its underlying materiality.

I scanned the various screen parts and emphasized their materiality by creating a varied ensemble of prints of them (and on them), focusing on the idea that paper, printing, and printing ink are all based on, or utilized by, screen technologies, and the idea that relationship between electronic screen and print presents a number of colliding technological ontologies - projective vs reflective; additive vs subtractive color; cool vs warm light – that seem to cancel each other out. I printed on standard modular substrates (the screens and available papers) - modularity, itself, a modernist cipher through which all these technologies (printing and the screen) speak.

Screen to Screen, 2018, left to right: 77 serigraphs, 47 risographs, 145 ink-jet prints, installation at Museé Des Beaux Arts, Le Locle, Switzerland, 2018

Screen to Screen, 2018, three computer monitors, 8 computer monitor screens disassembled, installation at Museé Des Beaux Arts, Le Locle, Switzerland, 2018
Below: details from Screen to Screen, 2018, 145 ink-jet prints, each 13 x 19 in