Views From the Internet, 2006-ongoing

Views From the Internet is a project that investigates the views through windows on home improvement Internet sites. The windows in these places always present views of idyllic suburban or country landscapes.There, these views are an invitation: completing the fantasy of the space of the website, they invite retreat and the promise of escape.

I download these images and isolate the view to the outside. For the most seductive views, I enlarge and print the image to correspond to the real-size dimensions of the window on the website, and then face-mount the image to laser-cut plexi-glass. If the view is used as a peripheral device to sell the objects, interior spaces, and life-styles on these websites, here I am “selling the view.” This work collapses of the “real” view through the original window into the virtual window of electronic space, where one can look out through the “real” window again.






Installation at New York Photo Festival, 2010
curated by Leslie Martin